Travel,Camping,Flying Powered Parachute Compilation for 2015

We love to travel we love to camp and we love to fly. I have a 2015 Amped Toy Hauler that I haul my Airwolf Powered Parachute in. We love traveling, camping, flying and recording the adventure. Then I put it all together to show the world. Sometimes we camp at State Parks and different type campgrounds but the best are the ones we can fly from. This video covers four states one Territory and one other Country. The Powered Parachutes that you will see flying ,fly’s at 30 MPH, from 2 feet aboveĀ ground to 10,000 feet(Hints the word LowanSlow)It’s considered one of the safest ways to fly. I hope you enjoy the video,if you do Please like, Subscribe and feel free to share the video. Thanks for watching.

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