Sights From Above,Around Nashville Tennessee

This video was put together over a four day event in Spring Hill Tennessee. The views you will see are taken from a Powered Parachute between Spring Hill Tennessee and Nashville Tennessee. You will see lots of old barns and homesteads being reclaimed by nature, A Civil War Cemetery, Slave Quarters, Beautiful Horse Farms, Beautiful Plantations and Mansions and the Beautiful Natchez Trace Double Arched Bridge. Feel free to leave a comment if you like the video. Thanks for watching.

0 thoughts on “Sights From Above,Around Nashville Tennessee

  1. As someone that has lived in both Nashville and Thompsons Station, I appreciate being able to see it from above and love all that GREEN! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks Kartime,I’m really glad you enjoyed the video.Those are my favorite hobbies in life .Flying ,filming,and making movies so others can see what we see.Thanks again for watching and feel free to subscribe to my blog if you like.There will be many more videos to come

    1. John it was a Sony with telephoto lens,Sorry I cant remember the numbers.Its my wifes camera and she isn’t here right now to ask her.Most of the pictures in the video was taken at about 2000 ft up.

  2. Enjoyed the slideshow, everything looks better from 2000′. My question is where are you from? I have moved to the New England area and not found any PP, weight shift or other ultralite organizations or clubs or instructors. Any ideas or fly ins in my area of the world? I would love to find an instructor as well, any help would be appreciated.
    Steve H

    1. Steve ,im from South Florida.I mainly just travel and fly wherever I can.Give Bill Wallace a call,he is an instructor in your area.His number is 603-494-1607. He should be able to help you in that area.Let me know how it goes.Thanks for watching the video.

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