Renato Grbic a True Serbian Hero

A few years back I was reading an article about a Serbian guy that has saved 25 people who tried to comment suicide by jumping from the Pancevo Bridge which is between the City of Belgrade and Pancevo Serbia. While visiting Serbia this year, Belgrade in Particular our daughters fiancee wanted to take us to have as he said the best fish dinner on the Danube River, I said I’m ready. I started telling him about the story I read a few years ago and he said with excitement! That’s the place I’m taking you to. He owns a restaurant at the base of the bridge on the Pancevo side of the bridge. I said I must meet this guy with excitement. So after the waiter took our order of a mixed fish Platter (Fresh Water Fish) Serbs call River fish I asked him was the guy that saved all those people here or anywhere around. He said that’s him setting over there at that table. Great,so here we go my daughter and I to meet Mr. Renato Grbic, in my eyes a true Serbian hero. We posed for pictures and talked for a while and he said his family has been in the fishing business for over 100 years, WOW, That’s explains why the  mixed fish platter we had was so good. The best fresh water fish I had to date. During our chat he explained how he saved them and the number is now 28. ABC News did a story on him back in 2012, I’ll post a link on the full story at the end but first I have to tell you the mixed fish platter was really the best I have ever had .The fish soup was out of this world.So if your ever in the area and get a chance, stop in and say hello to Mr. Renato Grbic and at least try the Fish Soup,you want regret it. If your really hungry, try the Mixed fish platter. Tell him that you heard about him, his story and about his wonderful restaurant from that crazy American Guy with the camera that was there in October 2015.

Click the link below for the rest of the story.








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