A Breezy Day Aloft in my Powered Parachute

This is a short video of a Breezy but Fun Flight with my Uncle and I, his first flight in a Powered Parachute.
I warmly welcome you to my Blog. Join me in experiencing the Life from above in my Powered Parachute. My Name is Gerry Mixon. I fly the Airwolf Powered Parachute  around South Central Florida and across the Great USA.
The area of Florida I fly is a rural part of the state with lots of wildlife, Deer, Hog, Turkey, Coyote etc.
I love to fly and I love to film so I put the two together so you can enjoy.
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THANKS for Watching.

10 thoughts on “A Breezy Day Aloft in my Powered Parachute

      1. One of the things I enjoy the most about your writings is the care for word choice. Yes, its "ache" not &qt;notiugling" (just looked up the definition of "ache" for the first time – see, I'm this Brazilian dude living in Miami for whom English is a 3rd language, so…). I enjoy your blog tremendously and look for new postings daily (though I know you don't have new stuff that frequently). Thanks for sharing in this great way.

    1. LOVE this post! Your fun wit & chrcaater shine through đŸ™‚ What is that last photo of the tostada thingy?? Oh my, I want to dive into that plate. The IFBC sounds like a great event. You have me sold, I wanna go. now.

  1. Very Nice. I fly in NY but also have a home in Port St Lucie. I would love to bring my machine down to Florida, at least during the winter. Where are you located?

  2. Love the nail polish color, very dark and chic!Hmm weekend pld.y..nase hair? Go out to a play and happy hour with some new friends. Spend time with husband.

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