South Dakota, Badlands

Camped out at the KOA on the South end of the Badlands at Interior, South Dakota. Great campground bordering the National Park. We will take you on a journey through the Spectacular South Dakota, Badlands and also take you on a little tour of Wall South Dakota. While we were touring the Badlands headed to Wall we came upon a hitchhiker named Dominika a very interesting young lady who was hitchhiking across the USA. Picked her up because a Bison wouldn’t let her cross the road , she waited their hours before someone came along.
Hope you enjoy the video, Thanks for watching.
music: Stalling by Topher Mohr and Alex Elena

video created and edited by Ivan Bjørn

camera: GOPRO7 Black

edited in FCPX

4 thoughts on “South Dakota, Badlands

  1. Loved the video
    Where did you drop off the girl? And why are there words like final cut and a few others coming across the bottom of the screen at times. Love Y’all💖💖💖

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